Tired of paper, clipboards, and expensive custom software?

We are too.

WellTraq is a secure, flexible, and scalable solution to record, export, and analyze data such as well tests, operator rounds, plant surveillance, field inspections, and much more.

Easy and Flexible Configuration

Flexible enough for almost every company's requirements, configuration is simple and automatically transferred to mobile devices for data gathering.

Increased Field Productivity

With the WellTraq mobile app, your field workforce will more reliably and quickly collect data. More immediate data means greater awareness and faster evaluation for critical decisions.

Work Offline

Collect data with or without an internet connection. Operators may gather data in the field and then upload their data when an internet connection is available.

More Accurate Data

Data that needs to be collected can be assigned valid values and limits. This validation is enforced in WellTraq's mobile app during data entry.

Analyze and Export Your Data

Use built-in reports to view your data or export it to a variety of formats. It may also be downloaded from our API to be used by your in-house programs and personnel. Your data belongs to you.

Audit Trail

Easily see the creator of any data value in the system. Each member of your workforce may have a user account in WellTraq.

Secure and Reliable

Using proven best industry practices, our infrastructure in the cloud offers high redundancy, security, and availability for your data. For specific technical questions, please contact us.

Geographical Awareness

See the exact location of your assets and where your data is being collected with WellTraq's mapping feature.

User Roles

Each user is assigned a role that describes their level of privilege in the system. Users can also be assigned teams to limit which assets are available to them.

Take control of your data.

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